VFX Reel

Here’s a smattering of the best Bait & Tackle and Production Blue visual effects work over the years. Prod Blue is a collaboration of best-in-class directors, editors, and effects artists so much of the work on the reel was done for other companies. Obviously the film effects from Godzilla, Doctor Doolittle, Bless the Child, etc. is work that we contributed to as individual specialists – paint, compositing, elastic reality. We are not a feature VFX company. We would have to know how to use computers to be that!


Everything else except for Jack Black’s song we did ourselves. Robyn Rhodes is the 2D mastermind behind most of the graphic animation stuff, Matt Hightower is behind the 3D work, Emile and Chad did most of the work at the end of the reel from the film effects onward.


It should be said that while we may have only be part of a larger team of VFX artists on some of these projects, we are capable of doing this level of work right here at Prod Blue. For many of the same people whom we toiled alongside to create these projects are Prod Blue collaborators today

VFX Reel

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