Official Music Video for Guster’s “Do You Love Me”
Universal Music, ©2010

Director/Producer/Art Director: Chad Carlberg
Co-Director: Sten Bowen
Featured Artist: Jon Sarkin
Technical Director: Emile Doucette
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Camera: Tom Papows, Sten Bowen
Dance Choreographer: Emile Doucette
Production Manager: Jon Cahill
Producers: Sara Lauren, Emile Doucette, Tom Papows, Jon Cahill
Photographer: Judson Abts
Stylist: Hillary Warner
Technical Engineer: Ben Morrow
Artists: Jon Sarkin, Jon Liberis, Curtis Sarkin, Chad Carlberg, Sara Lauren, Tom Papows
Set Construction: Sten Bowen, Ben Morrow, Chad Carlberg, Emile Doucette, Tom Papows, Sara Lauren, Curtis Sarkin
Lighting Design: Ben Morrow
Crew: Sara Lauren, Heidi Waller, Ben Morrow, Kenley Exume, Jake Stafford, Kaelyn McBride, Meghan Cook, Erin McBride, Brenna Forsberg, Jon Liberis, Felicia Lowe, Curtis Sarkin
Catering: Dom’s Trattoria
Drivers: Tom Papows, Jon Cahill
Props: Heidi Waller, Sara Lauren, Tom Papows, Kaelyn McBride
Costumes: Chad Carlberg
Travel Arrangements: Jon Cahill, Kaelyn McBride
Childcare: Kaelyn McBride

On-Camera Crew: Heidi Waller (lead), Ben Morrow, Kaelyn McBride, Erin McBride, Jon Liberis, Felicia Lowe, Curtis Sarkin, Tom Papows, Chad Carlberg
Featured Artist: Jon Sarkin

Construction: Sten Bowen
Art Director: Chad Carlberg
Camera: Tom Papows
Crew: Emile Doucette, Tom Papows, Sten Bowen
Lighting: Emile Doucette
Production Assistant: Curtis Sarkin

B Cam Footage provided by Jon Liberis and Emile Doucette.

2D Art Animation: Jon Sarkin
Tween Animation: Chad Carlberg, Sten Bowen,
Paint, Rotoscope, Post Effects Animation: Jon Cahill, Chad Carlberg, Tom Papows, Emile Doucette, Jamie Rinkowski,
Stop-Motion Animation: Sten Bowen, Tom Papows, Chad Carlberg, Emile Doucette
Mangina Paint: Emile Doucette, Jon Cahill, Jamie Rinkowski
Catering: Mike’s

Dawn Jenks
Leo Cleary
The Gordon College Department of Theatre
Gordon College (
Kristina Harter
Maggie Blue Harter Carlberg
Amy, Seven, Isaiah Bowen
Kim, Robin, Caroline Sarkin
Dalton Sim
Kim Garner and Co. @ U Music
Mac Bell

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Natalie Hapgood
Joann McKenzie

Guster, “Do You Love Me?”

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